Just a few weeks ago, Sir Christopher Campbell of Cinematical pointed you towards a new trailer for Will Ferrell's latest comedy. But if you were wondering if Semi-Pro was going to be the soft & cuddly Will Ferrell or the bizarrely potty-mouthed Will Ferrell, you now have your answer. Suffice to say that when it arrives in late February, Semi-Pro will most definitely be rated R.

If you're willing to share your full name, birthday and zip code, then you'll be allowed to enjoy this brand-new (and highly "red-band") trailer in which lots of funny people say lots of very profane things. And it's good news, says me. Despite the fact that Mr. Ferrell has appeared in more sports movies than Kevin Costner, the flick I was reminded of while watching this trailer was George Roy Hill's Slap Shot. And obviously that's a good thing.

Directed by first-timer Kent Alterman and written by frequent Todd Phillips collaborator Scot Armstrong (Road Trip, Old School, Starsky & Hutch), Semi-Pro has a comedic ensemble that's definitely worth sharing: Woody Harrelson (back doing the silly stuff!), Will Arnett (a brilliantly funny guy still looking for a good movie), Maura Tierney (funny and sexy!), Andy Richter, Andre Benjamin, Tim Meadows, David Koechner, Rob Corddry ... Jackie Earle Haley?

OK, aside from the final gag about the gun, I haven't been this psyched for a Will Ferrell flick in a long time.