Who says that only superhero flicks and fanboy movies should get months of advance hype? Paramount Vantage has taken the unusual move of releasing a trailer for The Duchess, a period costume drama that won't be released until the fall of 2008. You can check out the trailer exclusively at Moviefone, or feel free to watch it above.

Back in September 2006, Danish director Susanne Bier was set to take on the adaptation of Amanda Foreman's novel, Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire. Plans changed, though. As Cinematical's Monika Bartyzel told us this past July, Saul Dibb was brought on to direct and Keira Knightley signed on to play Georgina, duchess of Devonshire, a controversial real-life figure from the 18th century. She lived "an extravagant, profligate and promiscuous life of political and romantic intrigue, becoming an important powerbroker amid Blighty's ruling elite, but also running up catastrophic gambling debts." Monika passed on more news in September: Ralph Fiennes, Dominic Cooper and Hayley Atwell were added to the cast. Filming began on September 23.

The trailer is restrained and buttoned up -- a horse-drawn carriage, a palace, a ballroom -- and Keira looks prim and proper until she exclaims: "You can't ask me to battle nature and my own heart!" and kisses a man that's probably not her husband; then we see some carefully shot bare flesh and a roaring fire; cue music swelling to a crescendo in the background. In other words: not much to set it apart from other period pictures or set tongues a-wagging.

Personally, I prefer Ms. Knightley in more contemporary fare, but I'm evidently in the minority on that opinion. Still, The Duchess has pretty pictures and all that, and Keira-fanatics should be happy to see her laced up in a corset again. Maybe the next trailer will be more distinctive.