The last few weeks, No Country for Old Men has been hanging over my head like an ominous cloud of pressure, taunting me from my to-see list. It's the sort of film that has got film fans and casual moviegoers alike buzzing about it, which means that there's lots of Josh Brolin on the brain. His time with the Coen Brothers is just the perfect ending to what has become the year of Brolin -- Planet Terror, In the Valley of Elah, Chacun son cinéma, American Gangster, and No Country for Old Men. After 22 years in the business, the actor has hit his stride and proved that he's a hell of a lot more than just a young, ripped, heart-breaking Goonie. But still, there's nothing quite like the sweet memory of Brolin's start in one of the most beloved films of the '80s. And what's better to follow it then some zombie butt-kicking? Sit back, chew on some popcorn, and finish off 200-Brolin with The Goonies and Planet Terror.

The Goonies

It was only by mistake that I ever happened upon The Goonies, as I had been all set to see some Ghoulies. Nestled in the theater, I waited for the green demons to pop out of toilets, and after the bathroom scene came and went without a ghoulie in site, I realized that I had the wrong movie. Usually, this would be a big bummer, but fortunately, the mistake led me to a much better film -- one of those rare family flicks that everyone loves.

The story is simple -- a group of kids live in a modest neighborhood that's about to be torn down for a ritzy new golf course. Hoping to save their homes, the Goonies place their hope in the treasure map of the pirate, One-Eyed Willy. They face off against the criminal Fratelli family and set out to find the treasure and change their fate. A young, super-cute Sean Astin stars as Mikey Walsh, and a young, 17-year-old Brolin stars as his older brother -- the original and better Brandon Walsh. Of course, there's also Data, Mouth, Stef, Andy, and everyone's favorite Chunk.

There's lots of clips below, but if you're going to revisit Goonies territory, the best nibble you can get is on the DVD, which brings the whole young cast back for an interactive commentary for the film -- a rare an utterly-enjoyable feat. Other than that...

Second Most Important Nibble: The Truffle Shuffle!

Josh Brolin's Brand gets tied up.

Deleted Scenes from the DVD

Josh Brolin messes around with the Goonies 2 rumor mill.

The special 2-part Cyndi Lauper video for "Goonies 'R' Good Enough" w/ Goonies and WWFE wrestlers.