It took me years to get that horrible Natalie Imbruglia pop song out of my head, and now the singer/actress might be about to return to the spotlight. According to The Herald Sun, the Aussie-born actress was recently in Sydney to film a "secret screen test" for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is gearing up production as we speak. No further information was available on exactly what kind of part Imbruglia was testing for, but one can only assume the 32 year-old beauty was up for the female lead. Imbruglia has recently re-focused her career on acting and back in October we noted that she was playing the lead in the Australian drama Elise, about a missing child. She also appeared in a 2003 action comedy called Johnny English, which was unseen by me but was apparently not very good.

Earlier rumors had Maggie Q latching onto a lead female role in X4, but nothing has been confirmed yet and there's always a possibility that there could be a female villain in the mix. Liev Schreiber is also supposedly circling the role of young Stryker, but we recently passed on the news that Brian Cox is also putting X4 on the resume he's currently sending around, so that adds to the confusion. One of our commenters recently pointed out, however, that the film may be going in the direction of acknowledging that Wolverine is a very old character, which would necessitate the young and old Strykers both being in the film. Makes sense, right?

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