With White Jazz seemingly shelved for the time being, Smokin' Joe Carnahan is in a fighting mood and not about to let anybody knock his Pablo Escobar biopic off its perch. And what exactly does he think of the Oliver Stone-produced Pablo biopic that's to be directed by Antoine Fuqua? The one that will focus on Pablo's relationship with his brother and start shooting in early 08'? Um, not much. On his blog, Carnahan takes that subject head on, stating that the movie is "getting turned down by a lot of folks ... memo to aspiring screenwriters, if you want to know how not to write a screenplay, pick up that piece of shit and use it as reverse tutelage." Ouch. But he's not done yet. "It not only does a disservice to the craft of writing, it mocks one of the greatest figures in Latin American history with a non-existent, wholly fictionalized Butch and Sundance angle involving Pablo and his brother Roberto. It's laughably lame."

Nope, he's still not done. "Good luck chumps. And it doesn't matter if you get out of the gate six months earlier than me. I will have an announcement after the new year that will absolutely break your hearts and kill whatever middling credibility you have ... and you deserve that heartbreak, trying to push a shitty, insultingly bad Pablo pic into production against mine and being nasty and conniving and devious about it." He closes his rant with a "war is war" warning, but isn't very specific about what provoked all this ire. Does anyone have any more info on this brewing Pablo biopic war?

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