It's heartening to see a good indie film find distribution after you'd almost lost hope of seeing it again, or being able to urge your friends to watch it. I caught Dear Pillow during a limited run at Alamo Drafthouse in 2004, as part of a series showcasing SXSW films that hadn't yet found theatrical distribution. I was pleasantly surprised by the Austin-shot film and although I thought its sexual content might make it a tough sell, wished it would eventually find a wider audience. Three years later, Dear Pillow has finally appeared on DVD, and I am able to recommend it to anyone who doesn't object to watching a frank film about sex.

Dear Pillow isn't a porno, and in fact we witness very little sex or nudity in the film. Characters talk about sex, read and write and watch porn, and obviously are desirous of having sex with the people around them. (They masturbate, but we don't see this directly.) This isn't a dry, talky movie, however -- it can get downright disturbing at times.