Talk about a casting scoop. The nice people over at are reporting with all confidence that Tyler Perry -- yes, you heard me -- has joined the cast of J.J. Abrams'Star Trek. According to the site, Perry will play the head of Starfleet Academy who acts in a sort of prosecutorial role in a courtroom scenario when a young Kirk cheats on a test and must be punished. This is apparently a well-known event in Trek lore, and UGO gives the whole breakdown of what happens. It seems that Spock finds out that Kirk cheated and turns him in and then ... that's about where the scoop stops. But forget all that -- Tyler Perry?! I'll admit that I've been lucky enough to avoid all of his movies, but I live in the same country as you do so I know who he is, and this seems like casting that's almost intended to be jarring. And lucrative ... everyone knows what an insane moneymaker Perry is, and this move is obviously designed as a test to see if that money tree can be planted in foreign soil.

I imagine that Paramount will create an entire secondary marketing channel that caters specifically to Perry's devoted church crowd. It will go something like this: "Come and see the latest Tyler Perry movie, in which he delivers some down home Southern schoolin' to a test-cheating white boy and shows him that the only place he needs to 'boldly go' is straight to church." Will the teaser trailer show a guy in drag chasing a pointy-eared guy with a rolling pin around the deck of a ship? Probably not, but this casting is so out there that, combined with how incongruous the other casting choices have been so far, I'm now almost excited to see this film.

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