Hearts, chocolates, and romantic nights symbolize Valentine's Day. Easter has bunnies and eggs. Halloween is for pumpkins, scares, and treats. Thanksgiving brings gluttonous dinners of turkey and stuffing. Christmas is awash of presents. And New Years Eve, well, that's all about champagne, count-downs, and parties.

There are all sorts of parties on film -- from those that ring in the New Year to those that regale random celebrations. There are hootenannys of happiness, shindigs of debauchery, and gatherings of dysfunction. With all of the myriad parties that have graced the big screen, it's a bit ridiculous to pick a top seven, so here are some of the films that come to mind when I think of cinematic celebrations:

200 Cigarettes

As we head out of the holidays and into the New Year, 200 Cigarettes has its place as a guilty pleasure of party-riffic ensemble cinema for the young eyes of the '90s. Set in New York City's Lower East Village of the '80s, the film follows a number of late teen and early 20-something people trying to make their way to a New Year's Eve loft party. From Long Island teens to artists and punk rockers, Cigarettes has one heck of a cast of '90s faces and some of today's big-bucks names -- Ben and Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, Paul Rudd, Dave Chappelle, Courtney Love, Gaby Hoffmann, Guillermo Diaz, Janeane Garofalo, Martha Plimpton, Jay Mohr, Nicole Ari Parker, Christina Ricci, and even Elvis Costello. And if a whole bunch of recognizable names is not enough, what about Rudd's ridiculous sideburns?

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