For the last official Monday Morning Poll before 2008 comes rolling in, I thought we'd tackle a topic that will be talked about a lot throughout the month of January and well into the new year: Movie downloading. Or, more specifically, renting your films online through iTunes. Chris told us recently that Apple was gearing up to launch a service that would allow folks to rent films through iTunes (with an official announcement expected to land during next month's MacWorld). As of now, iTunes only allows users to download films for purchase, and not rentals. However, the majority of people would rather rent, and so this new service -- coupled with a familiar name like iTunes -- could revolutionize the entire rental industry come 2008.

Add to that the fact that Variety has just announced Apple's first studio partners in the rental game: 20th Century Fox and Disney. Other studios like Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM -- all of whom already make titles available for purchase on iTunes -- are expected to join the club as well. While on-demand rentals are nothing new, being able to rent and download directly to an iPod is new ... and very exciting for some. Me? I'm not hip enough to start renting and downloading online, and so I'm not yet prepared to dive in. But I am curious to know how many of you will be scarfing down iTunes' new video rental service? Is this a big deal? Or not so much?