The Christmas Day indie releases were sparse, but the schedule for New Year's Day looks positively barren. Still, I have a couple of recommendations

Indie Sex is a four-part series that was created for the Independent Film Channel, which is where I first caught it. The interview subjects include a good range of well-known indie directors (John Waters, Atom Egoyan, Catherine Breillat) and actors (Rosanna Arquette, Peter Sarsgaard, Ally Sheedy). Filmmakers Lisa Ades and Lesli Klainberg examine each of their topics ("Censored," "Taboos," "Teens," "Extremes") with respect and cover all the bases. It's both a good primer and a reminder of the industry immaturity that still tends to rule the day. The two-disk DVD includes all four episodes.

Jimmy and Judyfeatures Edward Furlong and Rachael Bella as two kids on the run who film their own bloody -- and sometimes naked -- exploits. Jeffrey M. Anderson didn't think there was much new in the film, despite that gimmick; Eric D. Snider felt it might be worth watching out of curiosity "and for Furlong's compelling performance, and that's about it." Mmm, decisions, decisions ... The DVD includes an audio commentary with the filmmakers, deleted and extended scenes, and two trailers.

I'm both intrigued by and wary of Solstice, which went into production in 2006 but is just now getting released direct to DVD. Daniel Myrick (The Blair Witch Project) remade the Danish/Swedish thriller Midsommer with an attractive cast (Elisabeth Harnois, Shawn Ashmore, Tyler Hoechlin, Amanda Seyfried), plus the great R. Lee Ermey. But it's another PG-13 "horror" film, not to mention the long delay in getting released, so it's got huge question marks plastered all over it. Proceed with caution.