The Shaw Brothers was a legendary Hong Kong film studio known for its many forays into exploitation cinema. Given the large number of kung fu movies the studio put out, I was surprised to find The Killer Snakes (or She sha shou as it is known in Cantonese) has no martial arts action to speak of, though Bruce Lee's face can be seen on the front page of a newspaper at one point. In fact, this is essentially a Hong Kong set knock off 1971's Willard, with the titular killer snakes subbing for man-eating rodents.

Zhihong, a lifelong lover of snakes, was traumatized as a child when he witnessed his mother having rough sado-masochistic sex. As a young man he lives by himself in a dilapidated dwelling in an urban area of Hong Kong. His is a lonely existence, and the only friends he has are Xiujuan, a young woman who sells toys in a local street market, and the models in the variouis S & M photo spreads taped to his ceiling. Things begin looking up for Zhihong when he gets a new job delivering for a restaurant and Xiujuan agrees to go to a movie with him (a Shaw Brothers production, of course), but things quickly begin to go wrong. Zhihong is robbed while making a delivery and loses his job because his delivery tray is destroyed in the process. Zhihong stands him up for their movie date, though unbeknownst to him it is because she has rushed to the side of her dying father.
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