This is yet another slow week for DVD releases, but at least you can fill your violence quota for the week!

Shoot 'Em Up
This is certainly not an epic feat of cinema, nor is it a movie that will gain Oscar buzz. It is, plainly and wonderfully, a movie about lots and lots of shooting in improbable circumstances. Clive Owen's human Bugs Bunny can do it all -- he can slide across the room gunning people down, or even get the job down while having horizontal fun with Monica Bellucci. Delightful in that mindless action sort of way, Shoot 'Em Up follows Mr. Smith (Owen), a "gun-toting badass" who has to keep a newborn, orphaned baby safe. While trying to save the little tyke from the likes of the criminal mastermind (Paul Giamatti), he gets the help of prostitute (Bellucci) whose specialty is people with mommy fetishes. It's completely unbelievable, in that tasty, cinematic sort of way.

There's a decent amount of special features to make this sale even more worthwhile. You can check out a director/writer commentary, deleted/alternate scenes (with optional commentary), a making-of featurette with sub-options from cast interviews to special effects, and finally, an animated clip of the action scenes in the film.

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Resident Evil: Extinction
If you prefer your action to have more of the undead and less of the soon-to-be dead, the third installment of Resident Evil, this week's other big release,might be more up your alley. This time around, Alice (Milla Jovovich) teams up with Oded Fehr and Mike Epps to bring down the Umbrella Corporation and stop a virus that will turn everyone into the undead. Helping her, along with peeps like Ali Larter, is all of the super-human strength and perks that the company had given her. Oh, and this is all happening in the dry and roasty Nevada desert.

This set has a few good nibbles for you -- director/producer/writer commentary, deleted scenes, a featurette covering everything from pre-production to the end of shooting, and a sneak peek at the CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration.

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