The first stills from The Time Traveler's Wife have popped up over at JustJared, though the movie still has no release date -- fall 2008, I assume. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams star as two lovers who are hung up on the problem that Bana's character, a librarian named Henry De Tamble, has some kind of disease that causes him to time travel uncontrollably. It's during one of his time jaunts he happens upon Clare Abshire, the character played by McAdams. The way I understand it is that De Tamble continues to pop in on Clare at various ages and at different intervals, even as she moves forward along an normal, unmolested timeline. So unless I'm wrong, it will play out sort of like as if he was going off to war and leaving her alone for long periods of time, causing a severe form of separation anxiety. But since I haven't read the book, I could be wrong on that. I do remember that this book was initially optioned by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston as a vehicle for the two of them to star in -- so much for that.

The movie sounds like it's at least worth a look -- sci-fi romance is always a chancy but interesting genre. The one dark cloud hanging over the whole thing, however, is that it's directed by Robert Schwentke, the genius who last graced us with Jodie Foster's Flightplan. You can't really tell anything about the movie from the small batch of stills -- they look like typically publicity shots for a romantic dramedy. No one looks to have been aged significantly and there's nothing special at all about them, really, but here they are -- enjoy.

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