Director Michael Bay stopped by his official blog to wish fans a happy new year and, at the same time, plug his upcoming sequel to last summer's Transformers flick. Oh yeah. According to Bay, "Transformers 2 will be coming soon, " and "the new robots are really really unique and there are a lot of them this time." Here's hoping they are unique, because one of the main problems I had with the first film was that aside from Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and a couple others, I couldn't tell who the hell was who. I'm not quite sure more robots is the answer, but more clearly defined robots would be nice.

As far as release dates go for Transformers 2, the entire online world went all nutty recently when The Hollywood Reporter listed Transformers 2 with an "as-yet-unslotted" release date. This, of course, goes against reports that the much-anticipated sequel had already been given a June 26th, 2009 release date. I wouldn't worry about this too much; that June 26th date was never really concrete, and the writer's strike will most likely determine whether we actually get a Transformers sequel in 2009 or 2010. Either way, this is a top priority over at DreamWorks and the film will happen eventually ... even if Michael Bay has to write it himself. Finally, below you'll find a video of the one thing I'd like to see in Transformers 2 (for obvious reasons). Enjoy.

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