This whole Hollywood Star, Walk of Fame phenomenon amuses me. Almost every time I hear about a name being added, I'm surprised that they haven't been added yet, or that some other people have gotten a star first. Granted this is partially because people are often added during their pique celebrity times, rather than for their overall accomplishments. I mean, here is news from Variety that Bernardo Bertolucci is getting a star, although someone like Kirstie Alley already has one for her involvement in motion pictures. It is certainly not a flawless system.

Nevertheless, the Italian director is finally getting his star for LA residents and tourist to trample on, joining the likes of other big Italian names like Sophia Loren and Rudolf Valentino. The star will be unveiled in front of Mann's Chinese Theater on February 19th, concurrently with the LA Italia pre-Oscars Italian cinema showcase (running February 17-23). Along with the star, a tribute is planned that will screen his rare 1968 documentary La via del petrolio as well as a restored print of his 1970 film, The Spider's Stratagem. I wonder what finally got him on the list. Was it his latest film, the sexy Eva Green-starring The Dreamers? Or, was it the realization that the man behind the 9-Oscar-winning The Last Emperordidn't have a star yet? Whatever the reason, congratulations, Bertolucci!
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