Our Canadian readers can sit this one out; all of this will be old news to you. But down here in the U.S. (or "Canada's basement," as it's known), it looks like we're finally getting a film that's been a pop-cultural phenomenon up north for a couple years. It's called Trailer Park Boys, and it did tremendous business when it opened in Canadian theaters way back in October 2006. And now, finally, it has a U.S. distributor: Screen Media, which will open it in New York and L.A. on Jan. 25 and expand it slowly thereafter. Of course, you can already get it on DVD, but shh! Don't tell Screen Media that.

Trailer Park Boys is based on a hit Canadian mockumentary TV series about three pot-smoking boozers whose misadventures, I gather, tend toward the blunt and risqué. (For example, episode 2 is called "F*** Community College, Let's Get Drunk and Eat Chicken Fingers.") The show has been on since 2001 and continues to thrive on Canada's Showcase cable channel. Censored episodes aired on BBC America in the U.S. for a while, but not anymore.

The movie version was written in such a way that people who had never seen the TV series could still enjoy it, and it had its U.S. premiere at South By Southwest last March. I distinctly remember almost seeing it and then choosing a horror flick instead because that's what all my friends were seeing and I'm a sucker for peer pressure. But Cinematical's Jette Kernion saw it, and she liked it for the most part. "The humor is sometimes uneven, ranging from the silly to the raunchy, and there are a few stretches where the movie seemed to drag even at 95 minutes," she wrote. "It may not be a movie you want to own and watch a dozen times, but it's goofy fun while it lasts."

Variety says that Screen Media has eight films on its slate for 2008 and that the small indie distributor believes Trailer Park Boys has the greatest potential of all of them to be a breakout hit.