Whether you're excited or apprehensive, production on the second edition of The Lost Boys is now underway, bringing us the Frog brothers' latest vampiric adventure. (This is one without the infamous co-Corey, as Erik told us in September.) Now Edgar Frog, otherwise known as Corey Feldman, has thrown up a holiday post for his fans that includes tidbits about the production as well as some preview pics for Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. I have been fully expecting to hate this whole production, but I must say -- seeing these two pictures did tap into some of my old Lost Boys fangirl glee. Maybe this could be a good, fun sequel. ...Maybe?

The first pic has Feldman throwing up the serious vampire-fighting finger at Tad Hilgenbrink, who you might have caught in last year's abysmal Epic Movie as Cyclops. The second picture has Feldman armed, poutingly serious, and patrolling a dark tunnel. I'm not expecting a masterpiece, but at least it looks like Corey found his way back to his inner Frog. The actor also threw up a blog post, and in between prayers and chatter for fans, he talks a bit about Warner Brothers' plans for the film. DC Comics will be releasing a 4-issue series to fill in the blanks between the first and second films. (How will they explain away Corey Haim? Did Mama Weist collect them off to a safer city?) And get this -- from the fingers of Feldman: "they are already talking about doing a third... ..;)" The optimist in me wants to believe that this decision is because of how very well production is going, but the pessimist is certain this is just one of those crappy sequel decisions.

In the meantime, there's one more bit of gossip that Corey shared. If you caught the first season of The Two Coreys, and are itching for part two, you might have to hold your breath. It seems that while A&E have ordered a second season, Corey isn't sure he wants to do it because he had a falling out with Haim: "the problems Haim and I have in real life occurred after the show was over and do not have anything to do with the banter from last season. That said, if we do come back, the next season will have to be darker, edgier, and more real because that's where it's at." A dark and edgy Two Coreys? Oh, my!

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