Well, this could be interesting. I got a press release about this free service being offered by an outfit called Cha-Cha, a "human-powered search engine" (and doesn't that just give you a mental picture of a bunch of kids in third-world countries furiously pedaling stationary bikes to power it?). Okay, not that kind of "human power;" ChaCha has "guides" who will answer the questions you text to them, like, "where can I find an arthouse theater near Oklahoma City?" (good luck with that one, until Landmark gets around to opening a theater here).

This could come in pretty handy when you're out on the town on that hot date, and you've planned on dinner at that new sushi place followed by the movie, and just found out that your date hates seafood and is a film snob who only watches subtitled films, but what's really kind of cool is that they're kicking things off at the Sundance Film Festival, by offering their service for free with instant access to all the latest Sundance news. If you're at Sundance, and want to know where you can grab dinner without having made a reservation, or whether that buzzed-about film is sold out, you can text your question to ChaCha and they'll find the answer for you. If you're not at Sundance and want to feel like you are, you can get the latest Sundance news from the service as well.

Of course, we'll have all the Sundance news you can handle here at the awesome Sundance hub we're building as we speak, but for those times when you just need an answer NOW, this might be a cool service to check out. I'll try the service out myself when I'm on the ground at Park City, and let you know how accurate their info is.