Things haven't been smooth sailing for Britney Spears. She's been tabloid fodder for ages now with tales of her emotional instability, messing up enough that Kevin Federline has become the stable one, and most recently, the fact that her lawyers have quit, saying that she's "impossible" to represent. It hasn't been pretty. You'd think that with her buckets of personal trouble she'd dip out of the spotlight and regroup, but not quite. MSNBC reports that she might be headed back to the big screen to star in a film called Memoirs of A Medicated Child.

According to 2 Guys and A Dream Films head Tommy Parker, the film will be based on the story of a man named Mark Black, who "was medicated as a child after he broke a bathroom window at school. He then battled with medicine for 27 years." Apparently, he finally got out of this pill cycle when he was in prison and started refusing his meds. This sounds like a fairly serious story, right? It's like Garden State without the romantic adventure. But as if the inclusion of Spears wasn't enough to throw this project into doubt, Andy Dick is also on the cast list, along with Adam Ropp, Samantha Falk, Ross Tyler, Peter Iacangelo, and Julie Gribble.

What would make them want Spears? (Or Dick, for that matter?) Sure, she's got the tabloid presence, but if she can't even make it to court hearings for her kids, how will she make it to set everyday when production begins later this month? Did they learn nothing from LiLo's problems last year? Personally, I can't begin to take this project seriously, but it has piqued my interest in a train wreck sort of way... How about you?
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