Varietyis reporting that Jeffrey Wright will reprise his role as CIA operative Felix Leiter in Bond 22, after first putting his stamp on the popular supporting character in Casino Royale. I say 'popular' only in the sense that Leiter has been recreated innumerable times in the Bond films and novels -- if you go to the Wikipedia page for the character you'll see an entire picture set of different actors, of different ages, builds and races, who have portrayed him through the years. I personally find it stupid and distracting to keep shoving some new, completely different character in our faces every few years and have him simply be referred to by the same name as the last guy. And yeah, I know, you could say the same thing about James Bond himself, but that's sort of a necessity. Just because Bond must be played by a new actor every once in a while doesn't mean that his supporting cadre of sidekicks are owed the same kind of longevity.

In other Bond news, the Vanity Fair spread on Indiana Jones -- specifically the Q&A with Spielberg -- contains some interesting musings by The Beard on what separates Bond from Jones and vice versa. I especially liked the interviewer's noting that Alison Doody's character in the third Indy was a lot more in the mold of a traditional Bond girl than a Jones woman. Spielberg agreed, noting that "She was more like a Bond girl, but she was also a betrayer. She betrays Indy, but she's more like a Bond girl. But not Kate. Kate wasn't a Bond girl at all. When push came to shove, she could stand alongside Indy and knock out thuggies." He actually said thuggees! Too bad VF spelled it wrong.

UPDATE: Variety has also just confirmed that Mathieu Amalric has been cast as the Bond 22 villain (as previously rumored), meanwhile Variety also claims producers and the studios are on the verge of casting a female lead with an announcement coming within the next two weeks.

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