Now that the The Dark Knight trailer has been making the rounds for a while, with Heath Ledger's Joker wowing everyone from fans to filmmakers, it's time for Mark Hamill to throw his opinions into the ring. If you're not a big animated series fan, this might seem weird -- what does Luke Skywalker have to do with the Joker? Well, Hamill has been the voice behind the character for years now -- most notably on Batman: The Animated Series. (Hear him in action here.) So, MTV recently caught up with the quirky Clown Prince, and he had some nice things to say about the most recent Joker incarnation.

"For all those fans that dreamed of an adult approach to the material, Batman Begins got nearly everything right. I have no doubt this one will be just as good or better." Unfortunately, there's no word on what he thinks the first got wrong, but he does say of Christopher Nolan's changes to the character: "The balls-out debauched psycho approach seems like a great way of reinventing everyone's favorite scary (and scar-y) clown." Ah, punning goodness!

So Hamill can't wait to see Ledger in action. Can you? Do you like the eerie way that Nolan has taken the character, and that Ledger is playing him, or are you wishing that Hamill got to make his Joker large and live-action? Or that you'd get more Jack Nicholson? Or maybe someone else?
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