Now here's an interesting on-screen duo. Bloody-Disgusting reports that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Viggo Mortensen are in talks to join the cast of Vanikoro, which is based on a true story, was written and will be directed by Hitman helmer Xavier Gens. Vanikoro (which is not to be confused with Bryan Singer's Valkyrie -- what's up with all the 'V' titles?) tells of the real-life French explorer La Perouse who, in 1788, found himself in the middle of a shipwreck on the island of Vanikoro. Apparently there were two ships that got wrecked, and the survivors of the second ship found a way to salvage enough parts to re-build a smaller ship and sail away. However, two survivors remained on the island into the early 1800s. Those two survivors, we're guessing, would be played by Mortensen and Hoffman. Then again, neither is French ... so who knows?

Gens, who I feel received a bad rap after Hitman debuted to a very lackluster response back in November, spoke about Vanikoro to BD at the Toronto Fest (where he premiered the much buzzed-about horror flick Frontier(s)) and -- get this -- said Vanikoro was like Peter Jackson's King Kong meets Cannibal Holocaust. Throw in Mortensen and Hoffman, and that's a movie I want to see. Gens was also recently rumored to be among those being considered to direct a new updated Conan film, though I imagine fans would rather him stick to stuff he wrote; stuff he controls. It shall be fascinating to watch how all this pans out.

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