We've heard a lot of murmurings about a Last House on the Leftremake over the last few years, but it looks like the prolific producer Wes Craven has found his director. After handing his Hillsremake over to a Frenchman newcomer (and tossing the table-scrap of a sequel to a German guy), Mr. Craven will allow an inexpensive Greek neophyte named Dennis Illiadis to direct the new version of Last House on the Left.

But perhaps Wes Craven has seen something in Mr. Illadis' work (a flick called Hardcore) that fills him with all sorts of confidence. Maybe he's sure this is the guy to re-invent the cult flick's patented brand of unflinching horror and brutal violence. Sure, that could be the case, except that Mr. Craven recently told Fangoria the following: "They are not DGA directors, so we don't have to make the films under DGA guidelines. Productions become more expensive when you have to add on assistant directors, 2nd assistant directors, etc." Well. How very ... pragmatic.

The Rogue (Universal) remake will begin shooting in South Africa in just a few weeks. One can only assume it's cheaper to film a one-location horror movie in South Africa than it is to shoot it in, say, Seattle. On the other hand, perhaps I'm being a whiny little jerk. If it weren't for Wes Craven, we'd have no Hills, no Freddy, and no Scream. (I'm talking about the first Scream, of course.) But as any horror fan can tell you, there's often a BIG difference between movies directed by Wes Craven -- and movies produced (or, ugh, "presented") by Wes Craven.
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