Welcome to the first official Insert Caption of 2008! Last week we asked for your best caption from the film Charlie Wilson's War, and received more than a few submissions with creepy sexual undertones. What gives? Does Tom Hanks really look a guy who has sex constantly on the mind? How about we don't answer that. Here were the three winners, all of which were awarded with a sweet Charlie Wilson's War prize package (Charlie Wilson himself not included).

1. "Houston, we've found a bra strap." -- Andrew W.

2 "Scene from the scrapped James Bond project "From Oscar with Love" -- Kurt P.

3. "Remember the good 'ole days when you were a prostitute chasing the fairy tale, and I was a simpleton who didn't know much, but knew what love was..." -- Jason A.

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And now, in honor of this week's only wide release, we're giving you a chance to give us your best captions for the photo below from the new J-horror remake One Missed Call. If you thought those voicemail messages from your ex were borderline maniacal, well what if you received a voicemail from your future self ... with the date, time and details of your future death? Um, how do you say "I'd like to officially cancel my service ASAP" in Japanese? The three winners of our favorite captions will walk away with a One Missed Call t-shirt and poster ... for those times when you need to be reminded of that one call you desperately wanted to miss. Sound off below ...

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