How many times has a film come out and you found yourself saying, "what were they thinking?" This week we're looking at trailers where Hollywood's logic is fairly apparent.

As of January 2, I Am Legend has pulled in $209.5 million, so the decision to release this teaser trailer now for Will Smith's Hancock shows some pretty sound reasoning. Smith plays a superhero whose hard living ways have caused the public to lose faith in him. The bit were he drunkenly attempts to save a beached whale is definitely a highlight, and the presence of Jason Bateman as Hancock's PR guy shows promise. Always hard to tell from just a teaser, but I'm looking forward to this one. Jessica mentioned the poster for this one a few days ago.

The Bank Job
While it wasn't my cup of tea, you can't deny the earning power of Ocean's 11 through 13, so you can see why the caper film would seem like a good idea. Jason Statham stars in this bank heist tale based on an actual robbery that took place in England in the early 1970s. The heist goes off successfully, but along with the loot the thieves make off with some incriminating photos linking the royal family to a sex scandal. The trailer moves at a break neck pace and the film looks like it should have box office appeal, although personally I've never been a fan of Statham's work.