Back in June of last year, Erik Davis blogged about a new project from indie filmmaker Todd Solondz. Said to be a companion piece to Happiness, the film was supposed to begin production in the fall, with the wonderful Paul Reubens/Pee-Wee Herman attached to star. There's been no word since then, and that's because the film slipped into limbo rather than slipping into production. As Erik mentioned -- since Solondz's indie hit Welcome to the Dollhouse, his films have done progressively worse at the box office. So, it's really no surprise to learn that this latest feature, Life During Wartime, is having money issues.

Reubens recently talked to MTV about the project and had lots of positive things to say about Solondz while ruing about the film's troubles: "If it gets made, I'm doing it -- but I'm not sure. It's gotten pushed three times. He's had problems with the financing on it. To me, it's such a sad state of events that he can't get that movie made. He's such a talented guy. His movies are so incredible." I imagine the fight for funding will continue for a while, but should the film get made, what will it be like? Well, rumored cast includes Emma Thompson, Demi Moore, and Paul Dano, and Reubens says: "It's characters from Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness whose paths converge. It's all different people playing the same roles. I'm playing a role someone else played in one of those movies." Now... If Pee-Wee was going to take on Dawn Wiener... I really, really hope they get funding because I would pay to see that.

If you've seen the films, what role would you want Reubens to play?
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