This has been going on and on and on for what seems like forever. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote has continually been just a step away. After news started to heat up in May of 2005, Johnny Depp was back on board, then they were "closer" to solving some legal troubles in the fall of '05, and then after a long pause, Terry Gilliam said that they were in the "final, final, final" stages of fixing this legal brouhaha. Of course, almost a year has gone by since then, and the legal issues are still not settled, but Gilliam remains positive and once again is talking about how close they are, this time to Empire.

"[Producer] Jeremy Thomas is very close to getting all the pieces of paper signed from all the people who you gotta get signed. He's been on it for a year now, and he's come the closest to getting it untangled from the legal swamp it was in. And, um, I don't see why, I don't see anything that's gonna stop it now. He's just gotta get all the paperwork done and then I call Mr. Depp and see which pirate film he's still on."

Last year, I probably would've gotten excited over this news, but after the way things have played out, I would be more surprised if the film got made, then if I had to write another blog post next year about Gilliam talking about how close they are to getting it made. But maybe this year will be the year. They'll just have to find a new Quixote first, since Gilliam says Jean Rochefort won't be returning: "Physically, he can't do it. It's a real tragedy, but he can't. His arse is broken."

Stay tuned -- at some point we'll either have production news, or yet another teaser that the film is this close to being made.
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