Last week, Peter Martin mused about the whole Cloverfield phenomenon and whether they should borrow from what Anne Thompson calls the "Blair Witch playbook." We'll find out soon, since we're in the home stretch now and less than two weeks away from the film's release. However, one thing can't be denied. The Cloverfield viral campaign has taken the fake-media BW techniques to huge levels. We've been seeing it for months, and to make it all more encompassing, now there are foreign news bites to check out.

You can check out Spanish, Italian, and German news clips about the collapse of Chaui Station -- a drilling behemoth* in the Atlantic Ocean owned by the company who also owns Slusho. Each news clip has the same recorded video, with different news spins on the piece. My favorite is the Spanish lady, who looks completely unphased by the news and looks like she could be commenting on the latest stock prices or clothing brand. Gotta love stoic correspondence. The newscasters must all be so set on being serious that they don't notice the monster swimming away from the rig, presumably right to New York so he can rip the head off of the Statue of Liberty. One thing is for sure, the dude/dudette is a good swimmer!

Bilingual folks -- go nuts! The clips are after the jump...

*Fixed thanks to Maria, who is better than my crappy spell-checker.
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