Why can't all special features and spoofs look as nice as the ones David Lynch is involved with? I've watched a lot special features over the last few months and only the ones that feature Mr. Lynch have really looked good -- having depth and life in the midst of information -- whether we're talking the great smoke, coffee, and pie-laced chatter on the latest Twin Peaks set, or this clip above, which is part of the Inland Empire special edition.

In it, the filmmaker discusses seeing his long, epic, and delightfully strange film on a cell phone. Or rather, he completely chastises it, saying: "You will never, in a trillion years, experience the film. You'll think you have experienced it, but you'll be cheated." But that's just the soft, beginning punch from Lynch. You can tell the whole idea irks him a bit because he throws out some language by the end that shows just how much he thinks cell phone movie watching is crap. Enjoy!

Warning: Yes, I said "language," so this is NSFW if you don't want a certain piece of profanity coming from your computer speakers.