In this current media climate, musicals are hotter than hot -- whether they bounce back and forth between stage and cinema (like Hairspray and The Producers), or they come from seemingly surprising fare. When Evil Dead: The Musical hit the stage a few years ago, a whole new venue was tapped -- that of horrific singing and dancing. Now we've got Sweeney Todd, and are soon to have Repo: The Genetic Opera! to sing along with as killers slice and dice. But a whole new area might be tapped -- the testosterone-laden action drama -- and it could come at the hands of David Fincher of all people.

He recently talked with MTV about his last film, Zodiac, and then chatted about his past and upcoming projects. He said: "One of the things I want at the 10-year anniversary is to do Fight Club as a musical on Broadway. I love the idea of that." Yes, folks -- we might see a bunch of half-naked men singing and dancing while they fight and destroy each other. I think I have about zero interest in the film as a musical -- well, aside from some curiosity about how they'll keep the machismo high with song, dance, and partial nudity. Methinks this would easily become a wild, gay phenomenon. Okay, I'd also be interested in how ridiculous it would be to have Robert Paulson dance around with his man boobs, but in that train wreck sort of way. I definitely see the humor in Fight Club, but I'm not so sure about the song and dance -- how about you?

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