This just in from Deadline Hollywood: Though an official word has not hit the internets just yet, DH is reporting through their sources that NBC has indeed gone ahead and canceled the Golden Globes telecast currently scheduled to air live on January 13. Instead, what they are going to do is air a news broadcast announcing the winners. DH says: "It will consist of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association handing out Golden Globes to the winners, who will then pick up the awards and pass through a press room for photos and interviews." Sounds sort of lame, but at least the media will get their photos of the actors and actresses all dolled up (should they decide to dress for the event), which will come along with quotes and what have you.

By the sounds of it, there won't be any sort of ceremony whatsoever; kind of like a high school graduation where you walk up to the podium, shake hands with the Principal, and walk off stage. (Only instead of walking off stage to your parents smiling faces, you get a room full of media asking all sorts of boring questions.) Fun! Score one for the WGA -- they've brought down one awards show, now let's see if this thing carries over to the Oscars, which, once the whole Globes thing is over, will probably become a very hot topic. We here at Cinematical will still go ahead with our Globes prediction post later this week, and we'll bring you the winners as soon as they're announced. See the full list of Golden Globe nominees over here, or head on over to Moviefone's official Golden Globes page.

UPDATE: It's official.