The reason I enjoy watching the micro-budget direct to DVD stuff, is that it offers the opportunity to discover something new and different. Granted, you have to sift through a lot of crap before finding something worthwhile, but once you do it's worth the effort, and sometimes even a partial victory is still a victory. Dark Chamber is no masterpiece, but it displays a degree of style and technical proficiency that most of the other films released on the same label -- Shock-O-Rama Cinema -- can only dream about, and I'd like very much to see what this director could do with a bigger budget.

Director Dave Campfield grabbed my attention with a scene early in the film. We see our main character Justin packing, and before he closes his suitcase he tosses in a study guide for the police exam. He looks in on a sleeping figure and the camera shows a night stand littered with prescription pill bottles, and before he leaves Justin tapes an envelope to the bedroom door with "Mom," written on it. Nothing flashy, but in just a few shots Campfield has relayed several points vital to the story without using a single word of dialogue, and shown himself to be well above the curve as far as direct to DVD filmmakers go.
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