For a while I have been wondering what Michael Cera will be like when he gets older and can't rely on the super-cute teenage boy thing. Will he always be the same? Will he thrive? Or, will he grow up awkwardly and not being able to find work until he scores his own Little Children? I think I've finally found the answer -- he'll be Christian Bale!

Back in 1987, at the age of 13, Bale played Jum-Jum in Mio min Mio, an adaptation of an Astrid Lindgren novel that cast the young actor alongside the likes of Timothy Bottoms and Christopher Lee. Jum-Jum is the friend of a young boy who has been taken off to a magic land where his real father is king (Bottoms), and he is Prince Mio -- a boy who must stop an evil knight named Kato (Lee) and free some enslaved children. Pardon the Swedish, but the brief clip is worth it for a quick glimpse of the boy who would become the Dark Knight. My, how far he's come!