A few months back, Chris let you know that the remake of The Stepfather was most definitely moving forward with Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) in the title role, Nelson McCormick (Prom Night) in the director's chair, and J.S. Cardone (The Covenant) on adaptation duty. (Also previously announced was the involvement of actors Sela Ward, Penn Badgley and Adrienne Palicki.) And to those who might not remember the 1987 Joseph Ruben thriller, here's a recap: There's this crazy guy who likes to kill families, and ... oh, you should probably just rent it. It stars another currently-popular TV actor in a very entertaining performance.

So now comes word from Bloody-Disgusting.com that two more familiar faces have joined the fray. For your nine bucks you'll not only get Walsh and Ward, but also the ever-cool Christopher Meloniand the always-adorable Sherry Stringfield. (The actors are best known for a pair of TV series with two-letter titles. Can you name them?) Production on the Stepfather remake begins in late March ... which means the flick should arrive just in time to snag that early January horror spot that somehow seems to gush money every damn year.

Plus it's a Sony remake. And that means PG-13 all the way.
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