This was originally going to be a casting bite, but with a little snooping, I discovered that there's more to this new flick Boston Girls than meets the eye. Today, Variety reported that Camille Solari, who last popped up in an uncredited role in Factory Girl, is starring in the pic, which shot in Boston back in December. It wasn't really a role she nabbed, but rather held onto as she wrote the film as well. So, she created it, will star, and Gabriel Bologna is helming it. Yes, the son of the wonderful Joseph Bologna -- Chapter Two, My Favorite Year, Blame it on Rio, and of course, Rags to Riches.

The big coup is that Gabriel convinced Joe, and his mother, actress Renée Taylor, to join the cast. So, this indie flick has Ma and Pop Bologna, and just to make things even more interesting -- it reunites Solari with Shay Astar (August from 3rd Rock from the Sun) who has popped up in her other films like The Bliss, Robert Miano (Confessions of a Pit Fighter), and Danny Trejo, the tough-ass Machete. According to, the film is being described as "a dark-horror-comedy" by producer Jon Waterman, and at, they say that the film is about "a New Year's resolution by the two Boston girls of the title, who have had it with their cheating boyfriends and decide to murder everyone who has wronged them." A movie where two gals come face-to-face with Machete AND Bologna? I'm sold.

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