My brain is officially fried. Between The Golden Globes, prepping our insane Sundance coverage and trying to buy a house (which has nothing to do with Cinematical, but everything to do with why my writing has been on autopilot the last two weeks), every conceivable part of me is just spent. And then someone sends me a link: "Who wants to attend Rob's going away party on January 17th in New York City!!!!" Oh yeah. Cloverfield comes out next week. Thank F**king God. Because if Cloverfield didn't come out next week, I think I'd bite the bullet and destroy NYC myself just to get this whole thing over with. In fact, I'm thinking about making January 18th a holiday in my house; a holiday in which, every year, I wake up and do nothing all day in celebration of the fact that I don't have to write about Cloverfield.

And then, just now, as I'm writing this, someone sends me another email: "We received from a 100% reliable source (an insider to The Dark Knight production) the plot of the movie." Really? Good for f**king you. Let me guess: Batman discovers the Joker, Batman tries to stop the Joker, Batman fights the Joker -- the end. How close am I? All day people are IM'ing me -- "What are you guys doing about the Golden Globes?" And then there's an email: "Check out this G.I. Joe scoop!" And then I'm pulled into a three hour Sundance meeting. And then another person asks if I'm attending Rob's surprise party. F*ck Rob! Is Rob paying my rent? No? Then tell him I said good luck in Japan, although we already know you're not making it to Japan because a giant monster is about to invade New York City. Argh! Cloverfield! Can you tell I'm a bit amped up today?

But seriously, Sundance begins next week. F**king Sundance, as I like to call it. This will be my first time heading out to the film festival, and I'm really looking forward to it. My best friend says it's like summer camp for film buffs ... only it's winter and everyone carries a laptop. I'll be on the ground representing those of you who have never been to Sundance, but always wanted to see what the hell goes on there. As always, we'll file more reviews and interviews than you know what to do with, but we shall go to great lengths to make you feel as if you're with us each and every step of the way. And by the time I get back, Cloverfield will be out in theaters ... and Rob could be sucking down a Slusho on some remote desert island for all I care.

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