Great news everyone! Nicole Kidman has confirmed that she is, in fact, pregnant! At this time, we're not sure if she's registered at Babies "R" Us, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as more information is available. However, the bad news is that because of her pregnancy, the actress has opted out of starring in The Reader (which is news we told you about yesterday). But it's okay -- c'mon, don't cry -- it's okay because Kate Winslet has come in to replace her. And when Winslet is your replacement, that's definitely not a step down. The Reader is based on the book by Bernhard Schlink and it apparently follows "a man who carried a longtime sexual obsession for an older woman who's later prosecuted for war crimes after it emerges she was a member of the SS and a guard at Auschwitz." Sexual obsessions, Auschwitz -- and it stars Kate Winslet. Sh*t. I'm there!

Winslet was apparently the first choice for the role, according to Variety, but she had to turn it down when scheduling became an issue. See, at the time she was shooting that Leo DiCaprio flick Revolutionary Road (which I'm really starting to confuse with last year's Reservation Road), and the two shooting schedules conflicted, so Kidman was brought on. But then The Reader had to shift things around to accommodate Kidman running late on Australia, so when Kidman dropped out, Winslet was free ... and there you have it. The Reader will most likely hit theaters later this year or next.

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