What a difference a few months can make. Back in September, Ben Affleck's Gone, Baby, Gone had its UK release postponed because of the disappearance of the young Madeleine McCann last May. Now The Guardian reports that representatives of McCann's family are speaking to entertainment companies about turning the story of her disappearance into a feature film. It seems this idea came from the fact that the £1.2 million fund is drying up fast -- mainly due to a super-expensive Spanish detective agency and advertising campaign.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell says: "We have had a preliminary meeting with some producers and directors from IMG with a view to discussing an idea for a film. We've not agreed on anything, we're not about to sign anything. We like the proposal, we thought it was fair, but there are others."

If you've missed the story -- McCann is a young British girl who disappeared from an apartment in Portugal on May 3. Her parents were eating in a nearby restaurant while she was unsupervised with her 2-year-old twin siblings in the apartment's ground-floor bedroom. Since then, there' has been a "strong hypothesis" that she might have died in her room, while many have claimed to have spotted her after her disappearance.

Update: Her parents are denying this whole news bit, but do admit to having discussed the possibility of a documentary, and do admit that offers have been looked at.