I always get a kick out of hearing Stephen Fry's take on different matters. There's nothing like usually-solid rationale mixed with humor -- that's why dudes like Stephen Colbert are so big. In March of last year, I shared his views about America's obsession with British accents. He pondered the possibility that Americans are fooled into thinking performances by British actors are good because of their accents. Now the BBC reports that he's taken on a more serious topic and is giving his two cents on this current tendency to congratulate straight people for taking on gay roles. You know -- Jake and Heath (or any other actor) is lauded for daring to take on the role, as if it is some super-challenging deed.

According to Fry: "People say: 'Ooh, how brave of you.' Why should it be difficult for a man to kiss another man?" He goes on to discuss the fact that gay actors aren't called brave for kissing women, and continues: "It wouldn't be at all difficult for me to kiss a woman -- I'll kiss a frog if you like. It's difficult to ride bareback backwards while unicycling, but to kiss someone isn't difficult." You can always count on Fry for a humorous, yet rational, take on an issue. There is a definite stigma attached to male-male sexuality in any form. Ladies can kiss and cavort until the cows come home, but once two stubbly faces smooch each other, all hell breaks loose.

If only we could all be as evolved as Captain Jack, who believes orientation classification is "quaint."

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