It's no secret that screenwriter (and probable Oscar nominee) Diablo Cody is a horror nut -- she told me last month that her career ambition is to become a horror movie director -- and we'll know soon enough if she has the chops for that. A source for Latino Review has sent in a detailed script review of Jennifer's Body, the next Diablo project that's ramping up for a March start. Megan Fox of Transformers fame will be the star, and it was recently announced that Girlfight director Karyn Kusama is helming. (I'm surprised Cody didn't take advantage of her huge exposure to demand the director's chair -- if Tarantino could force that transition, she certainly can.) Anyway, for those of you who prefer not to know anything about a movie before it's even filmed, consider the rest of this post a spoiler warning and avert your eyes from what lies beneath!

According to the scooper, the film will largely focus on the relationship between the titular Jennifer, a high-school sex bomb and all around homecoming queen type who is also possessed by satanic forces -- there's a real 80s vibe, apparently -- and her best friend, called Needy. Needy slowly starts to realize that something is seriously wrong with Jennifer, since the boys she goes out with don't come back. But enough about the story -- what's the critique? According to the source, the script is an "oddly-paced, slightly incoherent horror comedy. This is trying too hard to be some genre-smashing cult hit like Donnie Darko..." The reviewer mentions that there is plenty of R-rated gore, but says the whole thing plays more like "an ambitious writing sample than an actual roadmap to a decent film. While Juno had the heart and wide appeal to meet a mass audience, Jennifer's Body does not -- and on top of that, it lacks a well-paced plot and consistent tone." I guess we'll see.

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