I don't mind Hayden Christensen. I actually liked him in The Virgin Suicides, Life as a House, Shattered Glass, and Factory Girl. That being said, I, like many disgruntled Star Wars viewers out there, wasn't so pleased with the whole Episodes 1-3 phenomenon. You'd think that if the actor has learned anything over his career, it is not to enter into any really big fanboy fare where expectations are high and tolerance is nil. Or, that he'd at least be wary of such projects. That's why I'm hoping that this news bit courtesy of JoBlo is nothing more than a rumor.

One of their sources says that Christensen will star in the big-screen adaptation of William Gibson's huge cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer. Joseph Kahn is set to direct, and it's being seen as a big-budget indie -- no studio, but $70 million ready to work with. What's worse than trying to tackle Vader and stick with it while fans cringe? I'd say trying to take on the lead role of Case in this confusingly intricate story. And, why would the people behind this production want to risk it?

Sure, Keanu Reeves initially seemed like a terrible choice for the Matrix, and he did pretty well for himself, but this isn't starting a phenomenon -- it's continuing it. I've said my peace, so what do you think about this casting possibility? Who would you suggest instead?
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