Last year, we got the previously-untold story of Danny Williams and his forays in love and Warhol. This year, we're getting a documentary about writer Christopher Isherwood and his long, 30-year love affair with artist Don Bachardy called Chris & Don: A Love Story, which comes from newbie directors Guido Santi and Tina Mascara. Variety reports that Zeitgeist Films has nabbed the domestic rights to the documentary, with plans for a festival run, a limited summer release, and an expanded run after that.

The film details the partnership, which began when Isherwood was 49 on Valentine's Day, 1953. (How romantic, eh?) He met the young, 18-year-old Bachardy at a beach in Santa Monica, and the huge age difference did not deter him. Nor did the waves the unconventional union made. For the most part, the couple remained together for the rest of Isherwood's life -- an impressive 33 years.

Andy Herwitz, of Film Sales Co., negotiated the deal, and says: "The fact that the film is about the 30-year love relationship between two men made it a natural for a number of the gay distributors to pursue. What I think is telling is that, ultimately, the strongest and best offer came from Zeitgeist, an arthouse distributor which appeals to mainstream audiences. I think this augurs for the crossover potential of the film." Now if only someone could make a film about Gore Vidal and Jimmie Trimble.
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