Not long ago, Katherine Heigl was at the center of controversy after she had some choice words for the film that helped kick-start her big-screen career in a BIG way. That film was Knocked Up. And we had some choice words for her. Now, however, the gal is back in 27 Dresses, co-starring one of my favorite New Yawkers, Eddie Burns, and you can watch the two interview one another as part of Moviefone's latest Unscripted installment. After watching the video, I have to say Heigl is definitely back in my good graces. To say she's just a tad -- hmmm -- risque in this piece is a bit of an understatement. Case in point: Watch the part when they talk about Heigl's Emmy Award and the many different ways she utilizes it. I'd like to think she was joking. If not, then ... umm, yeah. Watch it yourself.

Their conversation doesn't stray too far from the movie, weddings, funky bachelorette parties and whether Heigl was a better kisser than Burns' wife Christy Turlington, but there's a fun, personal vibe there that's worth a watch. And for some reason, I came away from the whole thing with an urge to hang out with Heigl's father. Strange, I know, but you'll have to watch it to see what I'm talking about. 27 Dresses arrives in theaters on January 18, and you can check out their Moviefone Unscripted chat right over here.