If there is one thing you can say about director Kimberly Peirce, it's that she likes to keep things fresh and interesting. She found huge success with Boy's Don't Cry, and now she's following up the story of Brendan Teena with Stop Loss -- a war story of all things, about a soldier who refuses to return to battle. If you thought that was a bit of a theme change, get a load of the other project she'd like to helm -- a big-screen adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End. Yes, that's sci-fi, folks.

She recently talked about the possibility with MTV and says: "I love Childhood's End. That's a phenomenal book. We have a draft of that and we'll see if Universal wants to make it." What does she have in mind? "If you're going to launch something that big, you need a big movie star. It's probably not less than a 70 million dollar movie. You go to that movie with a certain appetite for spectacle." For those of you who haven't read it -- it's a different kind of post-apocalyptic future. In Clarke's world, aliens come to earth and help end wars, get people happy, and prolong life, which brings the Earth into a utopia. The twist -- these aliens look just like Satan.

But right now, it's just a script and a hope. Meanwhile, she's penning a "dark, sexual story" set in New Orleans that follows "the rise of a great American gangster." So, would you like to see Clarke's world hit the big screen, and can Peirce pull it off?
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