Sure, in the grand scheme of things they're kind of meaningless, but I'm pretty bummed out about the cancellation of The Golden Globe awards this year. A few of us here at Cinematical were going to live-blog the ceremony, and we always have a ton of fun ranking on all the stars via IM conversations and, well, I'll miss that. We'll still live-blog whatever awkward news broadcast they're going to hold, but it won't be the same. One of the things I was actually looking forward to was this year's Steven Spielberg tribute. Call me a sucker for all those montage sequences, but when you're talking about Spielberg, I'm sure it would've been pretty fun to watch. Others are more jaded when it comes to tributes and Hollywood ass-kissing. Me? I like it because it reminds me of films I need to re-watch or still need to sit down with for a first time.

The good news is that Spielberg's tribute has been postponed a year and, instead, will air during the 2009 Golden Globe awards. Hey, at least they'll be able to utilize clips from this summer's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As far as this "news broadcast" goes, I imagine it will turn out to be the oddest thing ever. Though they're calling it a news conference, no other networks (aside from NBC) are allowed to show up. The WGA considers the whole thing "struck work," so I wouldn't expect to see any stars. Oh well. We'll have more fun with it over on Cinematical, so feel free to stop by here and get the scoop from us. Last I checked, no writer was standing behind me with a picket sign.

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