The Golden Globes have been canceled due to the WGA strike, and it looks as if the Oscar broadcast -- currently set for February 24 -- might not be far behind. Writer Toby Young from the Guardian UK has offered ten helpful suggestions for replacement programming. One terrific idea is the Michel Gondry, Be Kind Rewind Oscars, in which two video store clerks create the entire evening from scratch, playing all the parts, "including the 'Hollywood legends' who died last year."

Other intriguing ideas include a Team America-inspired, all-puppet Oscars and a Celebrity Deathmatch Oscars. Young also suggests that NBC simply re-broadcast last year's Oscar show in the hopes that no one notices. (Quick quiz: does anyone remember what won Best Picture last year? What about Best Supporting Actor?). The best idea, however, and the one I'd most like to see, is to start the Oscar ceremony as usual, but no one is allowed to say a single word. Guests would probably have to open the envelopes, hold them up to the camera for a close up, and then there'd be a lot of smiling and perhaps a lot of music. Certainly Chuck Workman would have to piece together his share of clip reels, or maybe they could hire some mimes to choreograph some comedy? It'd be supremely creepy and some definite must-see TV. See Young's other ideas here.