You just can't trust that pesky Mark Harmon, even if he is with the NCIS and used to be a doctor. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's just signed on to a new indie romcom that has him cheating on his girlfriend. He and Tricia O'Kelley (Luke's ex-wife on Gilmore Girls) have both nabbed roles in Blayne Weaver's new flick, Weather Girl. So far, the film, which will begin production this month, is bringing together a pretty decent collection of talent, all to come together under that "crazy woman" cliche.

As THR describes it, the film's about "a Seattle morning show weathergirl (O'Kelley) who, after learning her boyfriend (Harmon) has cheated on her, is fired after freaking out on-air. Forced to move in with her little brother and to cope with being 35, single, and unemployed, she begins an unlikely romance with a younger man -- her brother's best friend." Wacky comedies are good and all, but can't we move away from flicks where the girl goes crazy in public and then flips about being single? At the very least, have her deal with it with some discretion! Heck, in comparison, Ingrid Bergman was completely discreet in Indiscreet. Anyway...

Most of the cast is now in place. It looks like Harmon might be the host of the television show, because Kaitlin Olson is listed as his co-host. Patrick J. Adams will be Byron, the younger man that O'Kelley falls for. Jane Lynch will play the manager of a restaurant where O'Kelley goes to work, Marin Hinkle and Alex Kapp Horner have also signed on, and Andy Richter and Blair Underwood are finishing up negotiations for roles as well. Beyond that, there's also two Veronica Mars alums to top things off. Ryan Devlin (Mercer) will play her younger brother, and Enrico Colantoni (Keith) is also attached.
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