Opening only in New York and Los Angeles on Christmas Day, Rob Reiner's The Bucket List has drawn a split decision from the critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes, though 65% of the "cream of the crop" really don't like it. (Look for Cinematical's review on Friday, when it opens wide.) Still, it's been a popular success, perhaps in part because it teams Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman for the first time, and perhaps because the premise has struck a chord.

If you've somehow missed the pervasive television ad campaign, Jack and Morgan play two cancer patients. Facing death, they decide to break out of the hospital and do all the crazy things they always meant to do before they -- dramatic pause -- kick the bucket. Cue choir singing uplifting song. My favorite line in the trailer comes when Morgan is skydiving and screaming at Jack: "I ... hate ... your ... guts!!"

My local paper, the Dallas Morning News, says that the movie is "leading more people to share their lists on the web." Because I'm a film lover and this is a movie site, naturally my thoughts lean in that direction. (Besides, there are several books on the subject.) If I was terminally ill, catching up with all the movies I always meant to see would not be at the top of my list, but I'd try and squeeze in as many as possible before the end credits rolled.

Of course, the idea is probably to get out into the great outdoors and skydive and travel and ski and river raft, but if you've done all those things, what movies would you want to see before you die? With so many to choose from, what would be your criteria? Would you stick with the classics, try some avant garde, explore documentaries, watch more world cinema, or try and keep up with Hollywood blockbusters? Please tell us in the comments section.
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