I imagine if she can deal with having one hell of an unfortunate name in the whole High School Musical series, Ashley Tisdale could take on a couple of aliens. Before she gears up for the third installment of the hugely popular HSM franchise as Sharpay Evans, The Hollywood Reporter says she'll fight off some other-worldly beings in 20th Century Fox's They Came From Upstairs. When I first told you about this project, Thor Freudenthal had nabbed himself the directorial chair for this feature. Unfortunately, now THR says that the adventure comedy will be helmed by John Schultz (Drive Me Crazy).

The premise: a group of teens are partying it up in their Maine vacation home when aliens invade -- via the home's upstairs. I presume she'll be fighting off the green things, grey things, or whatever color the aliens will end up being along with co-stars Robert Hoffman (Step Up 2 the Streets), Carter Jenkins (Keeping Up with the Steins), and Austin Butler (Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide). Rounding off the cast is Ashley Boettcher and Henri and Regan Young. Cautionary tale #9873547 -- don't party with fellow teens in a vacation home, or aliens will invade! Production will get underway in the ultra-Maine location of Auckland, New Zealand later this month, and when that wraps, Tisdale will help bring High School Musical to the big screen for the first time.
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