Here's a phrase you might be hearing at some point in the near future: "Kids, pack up the car -- we're heading to Missouri to visit the brand new Brad Pitt museum!" I kid you not. According to a story over at, Pitt's hometown of Springfield, Missouri is in the early planning stages of building a museum celebrating all things Brad Pitt. The decision comes after the town noticed -- their words, not mine -- "a growing number of fans making a pilgrimage to the area to learn more about where their idol spent his formative years."

Look, I understand the pilgrimage thing for folks like Elvis, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and that cupcake featuring the face of the Virgin Mary. But Brad Pitt? Springfield, Missouri? Really? I guess this means Springfield, Missouri has officially given up their quest to be known as the home of The Simpsons -- and I don't blame them. That's a fictional cartoon family, and this is a real-life human being, who, we've heard, melts the hearts of anyone who stares at his smile for more than 30 seconds. Literally! Like, their hearts melt and they go poof! (Can you tell I'm reachin' here?) Anyway, if you live anywhere near Springfield, Missouri, do let us know when this museum opens up. I'd personally love to go ... and I'll be wearing this mask when I show up -- for no other reason than to freak people out who walk past me.

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